We stand for transparent transfers for everyone, anywhere and anytime by connecting you to the best money transfer providers via our technology.

If you send money today and you find out tomorrow that you can send at better rate and lower fees, you will
regret that transaction, won’t you? CHECK4X.COM is here to help you sending Money at the best exchange
rate with zero hidden fees.

About Us - Check4X

When we started in 2016 offering a widget to compare money transfers to international publishing groups, we realised how broken traditional bank transfers actually are. Here are just a few reasons why alternative money transfer options can save you a lot of hidden costs: stands for helping immigrants to choose the right channel to send Money back home at the best
and most transparent cost. We help you to identify the costs hidden by the Money Transfer Operators.

Immigrants count for more than 250 million worldwide sending more than USD 560 Billions back to their home
countries to support their loved ones. This money is the fruit of hard work and sweet of brave Women and
Men that they decided to live in other countries so they can improve the life of their families.

Some Money Transfer providers are transparent but most of them have hidden fees and advertise free
transfers and low rates but the fact is that Money transfer can be very costly up to 15% of the money sent!

Money transfer costed immigrants USD 48m in 2018! Why? The money transfer business is very complex and
has many players who cut from the immigrants Money.

The good news is that they are many financial institution that work hard to make the money transfer cheap and transparent. We help you to compare and connect to those players who can save you considerable amount of Money.

Monika Kania, CEO and Founder of

Monika Kania, CEO and Founder of

You will never be fooled anymore by the marketing noise like “Free Transfer” and “Best Rate”

CHECK4X.COM is free to use, and always will be!

We don’t sell your information to marketers or mark up prices or apply additional fees.

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